Do you know the names of famous Record Producers of India?

Yes! You know!

Everybody knows them! They are so famous and they are so talented.

  • R.Rahman (“the Mozart of Madras”,)
  • Projekt (Popularly known as DJ BUNTY)
  • Balabhaskar (Renowned for promoting fusion music in South India),
  • Biddu Appaiah (Considered one of the pioneers of disco, Euro disco, and Indian pop)
  • Prakash Kumar (The sensation of South India)
  • Harris Jayaraj (The famous film composure of Chennai)
  • Yo Yo Honey Singh (One of the highest paid music composure in Bollywood)
  • Johnny Kalsi (The famous Founder of the Dhol Foundation)
  • Shankar (The noted American violinist, singer and composer)
  • Subramaniam (renowned for his virtuoso playing techniques and compositions in orchestral fusion )
  • Pravin Mani (Noted singer and music composer in Tamil, Malayalam, Telugu and English films in India.)
  • Pritam Chakraborty (The prominent Indian composer, singer and live performer & sound engineer.)
  • Raghvendra Rajkumar (Noted actor and music producer of Kannada Film Industry)
  • Salim Sulaiman (the famous musician brothers)
  • Salim Merchant (the distinguished film score composer)

 The list is endless….

 You want to join the league!

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